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Simon Devauchelle

Simon Devauchelle

PhD student

Publications list


Articulatory Configurations across Genders and Periods in French Radio and TV archives
B. Elie, D. Doukhan, R. Uro, L. Ondel-Yang, A. Rilliard and S. Devauchelle
InterSpeech 2024, September 2024


Evolution of Voices in French Audiovisual Media Across Genders and Age in a Diachronic Perspective
A. Rilliard, D. Doukhan, R. Uro and S. Devauchelle
20th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS), 2023 (link)

Voice Passing : a Non-Binary Voice Gender Prediction System for evaluating Transgender voice transition
D. Doukhan, S. Devauchelle, L. Girard-Monneron, Mía Chávez Ruz, V. Chaddouk, I. Wagner and A. Rilliard
Proc. INTERSPEECH 2023, p. 5207–5211, 2023 (doi)