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Research and innovation

Research and innovation

As part of its core missions, INA includes an applied research department, develops innovative tools, and provides analyses about the media and audiovisual fields to all publics.

Photo credits : Georges Galmiche

Research & Innovation

As part of its core values, INA is a research and innovation centre in the audio-visual, media and digital fields. By having a laboratory in an audiovisual and media company, INA's research work and innovation develop tools and methods to preserve audiovisual archives, manage, use digital collections, associated data, and analyse audiovisual and media content.

Media analysis

INA’s goal is to manage and collect audiovisual heritage. It observes and analyses the history, evolution and topicality of the media landscape, its practices, and content.

Each year, the INA publishes scientific studies that explore the history and sociology of the media, from the early days of the radio to the most recent developments in audiovisual, online and digital

media. The Revue des Médias is INA's online magazine that gives perspective on the economic, political, social, editorial and technological issues of the media landscapes and information through in-depth articles, interviews, dossiers, infographics, reading notes, etc. The Baromètre des Médias is a tool that monitors television news statistically; it offers a set of quantitative indicators on the television news content broadcasted by the six French national terrestrial channels.

GRM - Groupe de Recherches Musicales (Musical Research Group)

The Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) is an innovator in electro-acoustic music that develops research and creative work in the sound and electro-acoustic music fields. In its almost 60 years of existence, GRM has collaborated with the greatest composers and has developed a music creation software called the GRM Tools.